What does it mean to be an Ambassador in the Community of Guardians?

To join the community as an Ambassador the member is requested to verify their identity and provide information that justifies their role as an Ambassador. This is an important step as Ambassadors will rally the participants and use their fame and visibility to encourage and inspire the group to meet the goals outlined by Knowledge Expert. This verification step is important to ensure the safety and validity of the community. We must ensure that both Ambassadors and Knowledge Experts are who they say they are and that no one is masquerading as someone they are not. This jeopardizes the legitimacy of the whole community and we ask that Ambassadors be supportive of this verification step as we truly value the role of Ambassadors and want to protect our members by knowing that Ambassadors are truly who they say they are. Ambassadors will serve an important role in rallying the group of people who have chosen a particular challenge to accept.  They can positively use their fame to encourage more memberships and can provide moral boosting confidence to the group as it is recognized that these are big challenges we face.

The Challenge: Knowledge Experts will be responsible for posting “Challenges”. The Challenge will be posted exclusively by “knowledge experts” who will then post this challenge after sharing knowledge about the issue as it relates to the SDGs group. The knowledge expert will be given some common guidelines for posting a challenge to ensure challenges are consistent across all groups and measurable. There will also be a “Once a Day” Challenge listed on the main page that users who have not joined an SDGs group yet or those seeking an easy way to quickly contribute and earn reward points can accept. This challenge can be collected from other SDG’s group challenges as a way for users to see what other groups are doing. Challenges can only be issued by Knowledge Experts but each challenge can have as many members, Knowledge Experts or Ambassadors as required, depending on the interest, size and scope of the challenge. Challenges can proceed without Ambassadors and we expect the early challenges as the community grows to have many challenges with only a knowledge expert on board.  We are hoping as the community grows fans will encourage famous ambassadors to join.

Challenge Guidelines: Advice for Knowledge Experts before posting a challenge:

  1. Raise awareness through broad group engagement and learning by posting lessons from your area of expertise and how it relates to solving an SDG’s issues, and then connecting the SDGs to the groups interests to inspire and build momentum for change
  2. Consult on local priorities to develop a shared vision.
  3. Understand your group’s progress to celebrate success and galvanize action
  4. Align existing group plans with the Global Goals
  5. Develop a group challenge for advancing priority goals, ensuring the challenge has clear steps to complete and are measurable. (see Data collection requirements to officially complete a challenge.
  6. Invite diverse voices to participate, offering support to enable participation.
  7. Identify meaningful indicators that resonate with your community to measure progress and encourage group members to post their progress on the group and main page to inspire others.
  8. Once you are ready to post your Challenge send it to group administrators to approve and to post.