Community of Guardians is a social media site for the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Are you looking for an opportunity to do some good in the world? Have you ever dreamed of being a Superhero? Here is your chance! Be a “Guardian.” The world desperately needs you! Take action and join the CoGs we are launching soon, and we need you as members to be ready!

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CoGs, when joined together, form gears. The cogs of one gear fit into the cogs of another. Gears change the speed or force of change which is exactly what we need and can do together as a team within the Community of Guardians.

The Community of Guardians is a platform created to bring together members to learn and drive action as we champion challenges in pursuit of the 2030 SDGs.

How to join:

We will then share Knowledge Experts in your group who will post challenges you can accept! Together we can change the world!

Please share this message in your network. We are actively seeking Knowledge Experts to share wisdom, and a ‘challenge’ members can then accept and accomplish. Reach out, and we can help you post your challenge. 

We are also seeking Ambassadors to rally the groups! If you know individuals with a large social following, please share and encourage them to join us. Nothing is sweeter than using your fame and following for the greater good!

Why should you join Community of Guardians?

Join now and support your SDG!

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